An Introduction to “Mourning and Evening”

— Michael McCluskey

“To me these pictures are like sad, love songs. I spent many hours walking and shooting in an attempt to express or rid myself of the overwhelming heartbreak I was feeling. At the time I didn’t know why I was drawn to the subject matter and light that I was capturing but after having some time and space away from it now I do.

Someone described one of the images as being “nostalgic in a poignant way”. Which I think does a good job of describing some of these pieces and also correlates with how we feel when looking back on the time we spent with someone who is now absent. A mix of warmth and fondness for the good times you had together followed by the sadness of its ending.

The images that have sunkissed subject matter and fiery skies in them are looking back on the early, romantic stages of love in the way that they’re so saturated and passionate but only for a short time.

The images that have a darker tone represent loneliness and the fear of feeling that way forever.”